High resolution 3D digital reconstruction utilizing proven drone technology provides significant improvement in resource and hazard identification.  The implementation of UAS operations at active mines increases efficiency and safety of the sites at a low cost.

Selected Services

  • High-Resolution Highwall Scanning
  • Rapid Stockpile and Volumetric measurement
  • Open-pit 3D digital twin model reconstruction
  • LiDAR enabled aerial inspection
  • MHSA certified remote pilots

Benefits of Using DroneHive

  • Enhanced Safety at your mining site
  • Improved planning of mining operations
  • On-Demand Deployment across North America
  • Insourced or Outsourced Services Partnership
  • Expertly trained pilots for mining-specific data collection
  • Robust Insurance coverage and Indemnification
  • Cost-savings vs. traditional Laser Scanners
  • More frequent and consistent site intelligence