Why pay more than you have to for hazardous inspection work performed by boots on the ground?  Get it done faster with best-in-class cost efficiency with DroneHive.

We have built the largest national operator resource allowing rapid deployment for routine or emergency inspection work allowing to harmonize operational processes across all regions of the US.

Enterprise businesses leverage our network of premier operators focused on data accuracy and safety as an on-demand, scalable resource.  Decreasing overhead without sacrificing access.

DroneHive Delivers:

  1. Safety
    Using Drones to inspect critical infrastructure decreases risk exposure and insurance requirements.

  1. Speed
    Rapid deployment near immediate data collection allowing for real-time asset management.

  1. Accuracy and Value
    This accurate and cost efficient data collection for inspection of critical assets reduces downtime with proven increases in lifespan.

  1. Flexibility and Customization
    Utilizing industry best software and systems for their specific inspection needs, not the one-size fits all approach that is dominating the Aerial Services space.

  1. Peace of Mind
    DroneHive is heavily insured with a flawless safety record, employing highly skilled and trained remote pilots.

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