Tired of paying for inaccurate crop scouting? Insurance Company claims not meeting your expectations when damage occurs?

DroneHive leverages advanced scouting technology that allows us to cover more acreage with faster results. With this information farmers can make better decisions that ultimately produce higher yields and minimize risk of lost crops.

Traditional crop scouting is very manual, walking the fields, hoping to catch troubled areas. With DroneHive you will have weekly crop health information down to the specific plant. Our drone operators will bring their own equipment to your farm for quick easy data capture analyze on the spot.

DroneHive Delivers:

  1. No upfront costs
    DroneHive provides drones, sensors and operators. We charge on a per acre basis.

  1. On demand services
    Storm hit your crops? We can adjust our timing to immediately scout your fields. Allowing for real time damage reports used in insurance claims, replanting decisions.

  1. Crop population statistics
    Measure your Plant density and size to support decisions for replanting and baselines for insurance.

  1. Weed population statistics
    Why spray the entire field? Distinguish individual weeds down to a few centimeters for targeted herbicide applications.

  1. Stress conditions
    Pest infestations, nutrient deficiencies, and dehydration conditions can all be detected and zoned for treatment.

  1. Canopy closure
    Quantify the percentage of a field with a closed canopy to support yield estimations and substantiate crop damage insurance claims.

  1. Yield potential
    An intelligent combination of several other metrics to estimate potential yield at harvest.

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