UAS data collection is revolutionizing the way construction projects of all shapes and sizes collect data. DroneHive gives you the ability to access detailed information from anywhere in the world. From initial planning to post-project maintenance, this cutting edge technology allows leaders to make smarter decisions that improve your operation.


DroneHive Delivers:

  1. Real-time Deliverables
    Our partner’s proprietary technology allows our customers to see their site in real-time, from anywhere in the world. DroneHive is the first to offer this technology to our clients. Currently, no other company has access to this cutting edge technology.

  1. Eliminate Waste
    Through frequent UAS flights, you can cut costs on wasted material, or rework, and improve inventory management through stockpile measurement.

  1. 100% Confidence and Transparency
    No more guesswork or unreliable site reports. Primary source intel gives you access to recent and relevant data with best-in-class accuracy ranging from simple construction progress images to survey grade BIM files, 3D orthomosaic maps and more.

  1. Safety and Risk Management
    DroneHive has zero reported incidents and indemnifies its clients from liability. We operate under the strictest levels of compliance, which are above and beyond what is required by the FAA and insurers. Safety is our #1 priority.

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